Thank you to my partners for their faith in my team and me! 



Anna Klose setzt mit ihrem innovativen Reitsportequipment die Schönheit des Pferdes in den Mittelpunkt. Ein echter Hingucker der Produktpallette ist der ANNAtomic Suit – eine Abschwitzdecke der Extraklasse handgefertigt aus ausgefallenen Materialien wie etwa dem technischen Suede. Die hochwertigen Produkte von Anna Klose sind das Ergebnis von höchster Funktionalität gepaart mit elegantem Design und feinster Handwerkskunst.

Anna Klose produces innovative Ridingequipment enhancing the beauty of horses. A real eyecatcher is the ANNAtomic Suit – an extraordinary sweat blanket handcrafted of unique materials such as the technical Suede. The first-class products are a result of in-depth research paired with the most elegant design and purest craftsmanship.




Seit vielen Jahren kennt meine Familie Matthias Jenß von Autohaus Siemers in Geesthacht. Das Autohaus bietet einen tollen Service mit kostenlosem Hol-und Bringservice und einer persönlichen Rundumbetreuung. Schaut vorbei - als Reiter bekommt ihr besonders gute Konditionen. Danke für die tolle Partnerschaft, Matthias!
For many years, my family knows Matthias Jenß from Autohaus Siemers in Geesthacht. Autohaus Siemers offers a free delivery service and a personal all-round service. Take a look - as a rider you get good conditions. Thanks for the great partnership, Matthias!


For a few weeks now I have been testing the @vitandar_horse_gear stable boots and I am thrilled with the effect! The Vitandar stable boots work with the infrared effect. They create a deep heat in the tissue, which improves the blood circulation. This supports the warming of tendons and ligaments and promotes regeneration after exercise. The extra high cut also supports the joints. 


With the dressage saddle Champion Carbon, Horse Star has developed an innovation highlight. This saddle guarantees the rider a very close contact with the horse and thus allows a particularly sensitive assistance.



The Haygain Hay Steamer helps our horse to maintain healthy airways and healthy digestion all year round. Haygain's patented steam distribution spike system allows steam to penetrate roughage from inside to outside at temperatures in excess of 100 ºC, removing particulate matter and destroying mold, fungi, spores and bacteria. More information at: www.haygain.com



Equine Industry has networked me with international equestrian brands. The riding caps from KEP Italia always ensure my safety on the horse.

With the bandage pads from BellaMo my horses are well protected and look great.


For care products for my horses, it's important for me that the products consist gentle ingredients. I'm happy to have a partner like Nathalie Horse Care who cares as much as I do.



In terms of bridles, my partner is Ps Of Sweden. The ergonomic neckpiece and the wide-cut shape in the ear area is very comfortable for the horse.


The Bremer magnetic field blankets ensure optimal posture and care every day. The new Veterinary Line from BEMER supports you with devices that have been tailored exactly to the needs of equestrian sports.


DERBY® stands for expertise in horse nutrition, passion and the strong will to make the horse world a little bit better. With DERBY food, my horses are supplied with the best quality food every day.


The halters and dog collars of Taustil are not only beautiful but also of high quality.

No Concept is one of my longtime partners. I don't only wear the clothes at the stable, but also in my free time.